SQL Create Table

You create a table using the CREATE TABLE command.

SQL syntax

CREATE TABLE table_name
(column_name_1 datatype,
column_name_2 datatype,


(IndividualId int,
FirstName Varchar(255),
LastName Varchar(255),
UserName Char(10)


This results in an empty table. You can now use an INSERT statement to add data to the table.

IndividualId FirstName LastName UserName

Data Types

You’ll notice we explicitly stated the data type in our CREATE TABLE statement. This is because, when you create a column, you need to tell the database what type of data it can hold.

The exact data types and how they are expressed differs with each database system and vendor, but you’ll find that generally, there will be support for fixed length strings (eg char), variable length strings (eg varchar), date/time values (eg datetime), numbers and integers (eg, bigint, int, smallint, tinyint, numeric).

The following base data types are available in SQL Server 2000.

bigint Binary bit char cursor
datetime Decimal float image int
money Nchar ntext nvarchar real
smalldatetime Smallint smallmoney text timestamp
tinyint Varbinary Varchar uniqueidentifier  
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