SQL Objects

What are Views ?

A view allows you to assign the result of a query to a new private table. This table is given the name used in your VIEW query.
Although MySQL does not support views yet a sample SQL VIEW construct statement would look like:




What are Triggers ?

A trigger is a pre-programmed notification that performs a set of actions that may be commonly required. Triggers can be programmed to execute certain actions before or after an event occurs. Triggers are very useful as they they increase efficiency and accuracy in performing operations on databases and also are increase productivity by reducing the time for application development. Triggers however do carry a price in terms of processing overhead.



What are Procedures ?

Like triggers, Procedures or ‘Stored’ Procedures are productivity enhancers. Suppose you needed to perform an action using a programming interface to the database in say PERL and ASP. If a programmed action could be stored at the database level, it’s obvious that it has to be written only once and cam be called by any programming language interacting with the database.

Procedures are executed using triggers.

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